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as the world comes to an end


in honor of the fact that it has somehow been twO YEARS since i was sucked into this stupid ship and somehow i’m still just as obsessed with it as i was when i started.

my favorite bagginshield songs from the past two years, ft. every single stereotypical song for them bc i am trash

(three guesses what the first one is)

38 tracks
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Oh, no! Could you pretty please make this playlist public again? It's so beautiful and it's been my light in the dark for the last few days and I miss it desperately already. Please? It's so lovely!!

@RavenGirl2014 Sorry about that! I have very sporadic access to my computer, and 8tracks decided to mess with this mix and unpublish it when I had about a week before I could get to my computer and fix it. It should be public again now!