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Disney Dubstep


Two tracks including music by Aspire Music Productions and KookaburrA.

  • 98 - I ll Make a Man Out of You by uchiwa
  • Expialidocious (Disney Remix) by annembc
  • Diamonds - Aladdin Dubstep Remix by Electro House
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Womp Womp Disney
  • Pink Elephants Vip (Dubstep) by Daladubz & Bassnectar
  • Toy Story - You've Got A Friend In Need Remix Official Version by Remix Official Version
  • ARABIAN NIGHTS (DISNEY DUBSTEP VIP) by Antagonist vs Aladdin
  • Disney (Seedge Remix) by SEEDGE
  • Hakuna Matata(Remix) by Aidan Simonis
  • Unda Tha Sea by KookaburrA
  • Alice In Wonderland (Dubstep) by King Me
  • Man Out Of You by VVonderTraP
  • Colors of the Wind (sample from Dubba Jonny's Dubstep Tutorial) by Pocahontas Disney Dubstep Remix
13 tracks
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Loved the mix! Sweet takes on some classics! but for some reason Mulan Dubstep was actually Macklemore's Can't Hold Us...

I agree to some extent that it doesn't do Disney Classic Music justice. But it was done out of love respect and enjoyment of Disney so it's a little amusing, if you constantly think that it was done out of respect and enjoyment. Then you can get alittle enjoyment out of the amusing single along moments in a techno song.