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Black Swan


An incredibly dark Draco Malfoy fanmix, about his relationship with his parents, with the Death Eaters and with Voldemort. I always wanted to make a fanmix about how damaging it is to be raised according to a fundamentalist, extremist ideology, to be raised to be a killer, even if one does not wish to kill. (As Draco clearly didn’t.)

Please be warned that this mix contains references to various types of child abuse, including the sexual. If you wish to avoid the references to sexual abuse, skip the third track, which casts Voldemort as a sexual predator.

65 tracks
2 comments on Black Swan

my heart's pounding in my chest, my lungs are constricting, and i feel tears in my eyes. this mix is so so amazing and heart wrenchingly beautiful

@supinehoney I am overwhelmed by your amazing comment. Thank you so much. I really feel as though there is so much about Draco that isn't often explored, and I wanted to explore all that in this mix. I'm so happy that it worked! *hugs you*

Amazing. Honestly, this is one of my all time favorite playlists. You obviously put a lot of thought into which songs to pick, and i'm really glad you did because the result is basically perfect. I'm definitely going to listen to this mix again and again until I've taken note of how each song relates to Draco. Thank you so much for sharing this!

@pensora Oh. My. Gosh. Wow. This is THE BEST comment I've ever received on 8tracks, and it's making me blush. Thank you SO MUCH for not only listening to this mix, but for responding to it so thoughtfully! That was exactly what I was hoping to achieve with these songs, to bring new aspects of Draco's character to light. So. Thank you. From the bottom of my beating heart. <3