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Good Boy


Here’s the daddy kink fanmix y’all have been waiting for!

I’m not sure when next the universe will bless me with a movie as ripe with daddy kink as "Kingsman," so I’m gonna take full advantage of it and post a Hartwin mix that’s all about Harry taking charge of Eggsy, and Eggsy *loving* it when his daddy gives it to him.

Some of these songs are funny, some are hot, some are kinky, and some are all three. Enjoy!

35 tracks
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i cannot find that last song anywhere for the life of me. i keep getting different songs and from different artists :(

im trying to find the songs on youtube btw cos i dont wanna pay this site just to listen to this mix in its entirety (i can find em on youtube)

@nio-n-36203 So glad you liked this mix! I'm glad you can find the songs on YouTube. I'm in the exact same situation with other people's playlists, lol

@Saucery damn, well thats okay. though you think you can give me more info on the last song, Lil Daddy? thats the only one i have complete trouble with

@nio-n-36203 I actually used to own that song! And then my computer died and took that song with it... I lost all my music. Sigh. I really wish I could help you because I want to find that song too! If you do see it somewhere please let me know! <3!

@Saucery tho if you remember any details of that song in particular (more details then what 8tracks tells you) then please let me know