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A Matt/Foggy fanmix from Foggy's perspective. All the love, all the devotion, all the friendship... and all the envy, all the sorrow, all the heartbreak.

But mostly the happy stuff, because even Foggy's angst is bittersweet and strangely cheerful.

65 tracks
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this might be a weird question but are you australian because there's songs by the whitlams and motor ace and powderfinger on here and it seems like no non-australians have heard of these bands ???? also this playlist is so good uwu

@clintbartonia Ahahaha! Good guess! I am, in fact, living in Australia. (I'm an Aussie from a migrant background; I moved here as a teen, and I am now in my thirties.) Might I guess that you're Aussie, too? Awesome! And thanks so much for listening to my mix! <3!