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Holla Atcha Boy


A cracky Deadpool/Spider-Man mix from Deadpool's perspective.

Warning: Aggressively NSFW. Do not listen if you take... pretty much anything seriously, actually. Only a cavalier disregard of good sense rivaling Deadpool's can save you now.

I strongly advise you to picture Deadpool in drag whenever a song sung by a woman comes on.

You're welcome.

39 tracks
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Hollaback gurl!! It shouldn't surprise me that you get Wade like he's your best buddy, since your fics are so spot-on... AND YET, it's just so good! Got me laughing

This… this is GLORIOUS.

You have quite honestly given me the best Christmas so far with this. Bless your soul and your creativity, I'm off to continue stalking your ao3 works and laugh to death in the nearest corner

@kali_padma OMGGGGG I AM SO GLAD YOU LIKED THIS MIX! Thank you! I have more Deadpool mixes and fics in the works, so keep an eye out! ;)

This mixliterally saved my life, it's so damn awesome and fit's so well. Can't stop laughing and imagining while listening to it, well done!

It's amazing what kind of music I will listen to and enjoy if the context is right. Some of these songs I'd never go near, and if I did hear them regularly I'd just think "What is this crap?" But imagining Deadpool dancing or singing to them makes them suddenly awesome.

@Gemfyre Haha, same here! I had to get many of these songs independently just to make this mix, because they weren't in my music library. Deadpool is like the Midas of awesome--anything he touches turns to gold! :D!