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Like My Very Own Blood: A Fanmix


We all have that one ship that just happens to be an incest ship. (Or more than one ship. Ahem.) Whether you're into Sam/Dean, Thor/Loki, Simon/River, Haytham/Connor, Herc/Chuck, Jaime/Cersei or any other incest pairing, here's a mix for all your fucked up family feels.

Basically, these songs are about forbidden desire and the angst that follows. Some explicitly mention family bonds; some don't. Please be warned that this mix contains potentially triggering material.

19 tracks
7 comments on Like My Very Own Blood: A Fanmix

I love how Peter Hale looks so pleased in your icon. Clearly, he shares our incest kink! (Plus, it's my personal theory that he was always in love with Talia. Hee!)

Most of my favourite pairings happen to be sort of... incestous. I simply cannot resist the extra angst that comes with them. These pairings are usually twisted and much darker than non-incestous ones. However, I haven't found any parent/child pairing that would suit me (if you don't count Skye/Taylor from "Terra Nova" and Molly/Mohinder from "Heroes"), I always go for sibling couples.

I strongly recommend that you go through my incest recs list, here -- -- and I'm certain you'll find parent/child pairings that DO work for you. ;) There are plenty of sibling recs, too!