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A classy, funny and occasionally irreverent soundtrack for an equally classy, funny and irreverent film.

I make a lot of fun of Illya in this. My apologies, Illya. You're just too easy to rile up.

60 tracks
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I was at work and Russian paradise came on, I was laughing so hard I almost started crying. This playlist is amazing

I legit fell on the floor at Russian Paradise. And it was the first song for me (copyright stuff or whatnot) so it felt like a love at first sight and also I'm very very Russian which made it e v e n better. Kudos to you, kudos to you

I love this mix, it's so perfect for them! (And I too lost it at Russian Paradise, AHAHAHAHA, oh Illya XD ).

@sarchasm Hee, thanks! Imagining Illya singing and/or reacting to "Russian Paradise" is a surefire way to improve my mood, lol. :D