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The War Between Us


A dark, predatory, menacingly sexy Tom Riddle/Harry Potter mix. All the songs are from Tom's point of view, so expect a reasonable amount of psychopathy mingled with desire, and hate mingled with longing.

This is my personal headcanon for a Tom (and, eventually, a Voldemort) that becomes increasingly obsessed with either converting Harry to his cause, or devouring him--literally or metaphorically.

Age difference? What age difference? I don't let such pithy things get in the way of my shipping.

38 tracks
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This is one of my favorite ships OF ALL TIMES!!! And this fanmix is just so PERFECT!!! I love every single song in this. Thank you so much for being amazing.

@Saucery I´m just saying the truth, your fanmix are always so amazing, i love listeling to everything you put together, specially if it is about one of my OTP´s