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Where You Belong (With Me)


Oh, man.

Tyrell wants to fuck Elliot so hard. So. Hard. Wants to possess him, body and soul. Wants to devour him, skin and bone. Wants to choke the freedom out of him, like a boa constrictor, until he's utterly Tyrell's. Wants to kiss the mouth that denies him, as lovingly and softly as he can. Wants to carve out the tongue that won't say his name.


A melancholy, strange, creepy, sexy and silkily predatory mix about Tyrell's obsession with Elliot.

45 tracks
3 comments on Where You Belong (With Me)

O my god!!! This is awesome fanmix!!! Thank you so much!! =))
And can you please tell about 20th track. I know that it's Fame - I'm gonna live forever, but who's cover it is?! or where can I find it?! Pretty please!!! I'm just obsessed with this song!!! =)

@HoneyMonsterNoNo Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the mix! As for that cover of "Fame," it's actually by an awesome Metafilter member called chococat!. :D You can find it here: and you can download it here: