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☛Have Sweet Dreams☚


【Sleep well with the lights】
【 off 】

  • Pop Goes The Weasel Orchestra Version by SuperEnguanaPianist
  • San 9-6-1924 by Paul Whiteman
  • American McGee Creepfest Inspiration Idea 1 *Download Available :D* by SammetalAudio
  • Penumbra Overture OST Danger Is Near by Ekdmsrnjs
  • American McGee's Alice music Skool Daze by lovelovelove
  • Ring Around the Rosie by Dead Space 2
  • Ambient track by Penumbra: Overture
  • Creepy Music Box by Shackles Castle
  • In the Forest Deep by Midnight Syndicate
  • Carmilla's Grave by Spyro DarkLarus
  • Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby by Sally Tarek
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@Fred Chris Walker You have my deepest apologies, I did not intend for this horror track to give you nightmares. I will appropriately name my playlist in future and use an image from paranormal activity. T