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there are no words.


no but really. a playlist of purely instrumental tracks that I've loved over the years. great for studying, sleeping, introspecting, long walks, long drives, or when you just need no words. including some Spanish guitar, Italian piano, assorted electronica and others. featuring Ludovico Einaudi, The Cinematic Orchestra, Balmorhea and more.

21 tracks
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awesome! Instant love of Cinematic Orchestra and Ultre. Was looking for a similar mix like one I created called "Balence and Peace" You should totally check it out.

La Ritournelle had words...but I didn't notice them until the end of the song. Wonderful playlist, though. Thanks for helping me get through a cramming sesh.

funny, I was going to say that in my description but decided to leave it- congrats for finding the hidden words! :) you're welcome!!