Savannah Fraser
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Artifiator - Perfect Soldier


So, this is my first playlist.

These songs inspire me to write my story. The playlist leads through the main scenes and the main emotions.

Hope you'll enjoy it! :)

1. Artifiator - Perfect Soldier
2. Something Bad Is Coming
3. Death
4. Losing Control
5. The First Kill
6. Life In The Lab
7. The Military Camp
8. Under The Desert's Sky
9. The Battle
10. Mourning
11. Breakup
12. The Escape
13. You Have Changed
14. Hiding
15. Forgiveness
16. The Team
17. Dave Loses It
18. Brothers
19. Eternal Life

19 tracks
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This helps me for writing the main character of my story! Our stories must be very similar. Awesome playlist, great job!