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i wish it was the nineties, i wish i could be happy


we watched the wackness today and i suddenly thought "god i'd love to make you a mix tape like kids used to do in the 90's". like really, really love to. but then i thought "oh that'd be weird, wouldn't it?" and "oh he doesn't even like the kind of music i love, does he?" and "he wouldn't appreciate it that much" so i decided to create a cd for my long car rides. but then it had more than 50 songs and you know, you can't get that many songs on a regular cd. so here i am, creating another 8track playlist. it's not a mix tape, it's not for him, but i still like it quite alot. not all of the songs are sad, not all of them are happy - there's everything i'd ever want to listen to while driving.

43 tracks