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─ Ɨ Ƙnow ℘laces [ ☢ ]


❝ Adieu chérie ❞ ♥

Seeing as there is no Widowtracer playlist I took the opportunity and did so myself!!

I'm pumped for the beta on consoles soon and even MORE excited for the launch.

I am stuck in widowtracer hell and thought other people might be too; here is my playlist to keep me breathing till I get anything new.

For my Lena,

Amélie ♥

10 tracks
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That means a lot to me @punkaresnic ! I tried so hard, this was legit when I was in hell and I knew ALL the good songs to pull out my ass.

this playlist sold it from track one and kept on selling it throughout. dubstep monster remix? KILL ME. this playlist is Awesome thank you for making it