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Ꮆold & Ꮗhite ☼ | ☽


This playlist is dedicated to my Inquisitor Onvyr (Middle Right) and my lover's Inquisitor Avan (Middle left).
The love they have for one another is complicated yet stable, they both suffer from personal matters, but when they unite as one, their love is more powerful than the Maker's light- their love reaches across all of Thedas and touches the heart of millions.

I love you, Avan, the love you give me is beautiful- it is everything I have ever longed for, I am so thankful to have met you and have you at my side.

- Onvyr Vien Lavellan ♥

8 tracks
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@CatLovingArmour I appreciate it! I am really glad you liked it!! Onvyr and Avan have a beautiful relationship, what more to express it than make a playlist about it. Thanks again!

Well I've just found a bunch of new songs that I love! This is such a sweet playlist, I love the relationship you showed between the two, it's beautiful.