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youre like that feeling at casa bonita

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For some reason all of these songs are perfect. I must sound bewildered but I'm used to only liking a few tracks on these albums but wow. They are literally all perfect. Well, I'm on 6/11 and I think so. I'll post this on 11/11. At first I wasn't really a fan of Keneric, then I thought Kenny frustratedly crushing on Cartman was funny, and then. Then I started thinking about Cartman reciprocating and thinking he was having a heart attack, and Kenny checking and just saying "Nope, it isn't. Trust me, I am an expert." "Sure you are, what with all the dying." "... You knowing is worse than no one knowing,", and then I was gone. The fact that there's a canon instance of them going to Casa Bonita alone also helps. Like I really easily came up with a selfish reason for Eric only inviting Kenny but it's still cute. And like. I am all for dysfunctional relationships that struggle to exist. This playlist isn't really about that though. It's about them liking each other. ANd it is a really cute one. And they both look really cute in the picture you drew. Help. Help I ship them. Help. I'm on 7/11 now and I wish there was a paragraph break on this thing. Also I don't think this is a crack ship in my head anymore. -songs pass- Well this was fun! Whether or not you ship it like I do, these songs were awesome. I hope you feel awesome!

@RandomTiger OMG this made me so happy to read you have no idea! I really wanted to incorporate super bubbly, genuine songs that would work for a pair like cartman and kenny and seeing this comment really shows me i did a job well done hahaha. thank you so so so much and i hope you have a great day after listening!!