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The Things We Never Said


"I love how you play along with my bad ideas,
before you grow up and realize they are bad ideas.
(And in our times together I have many bad ideas.)"
-25 Lives

12 tracks
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@sayonara-sucker I love this playlist but I think Badlands was perfect! I loved all the songs on the album. This is a great playlist though. I love Melanie Martinez and the other artists on it!

Thank you for this playlist. It is literally the best I have ever heard. Yesterday I bought Badlands, but today I think it was a total waste of money, because this playlist ist better than a album for 9 Euro. Thank you so much <3

@xAngi Oh my gosh thank you so much!! Yeah I bought Badlands deluxe, and although I like it a lot, It didn't live up to my expectations. I feel like the songs were either a hit or a miss with me. The Cry Baby album by Melanie Martinez on the other hand is one I love, there isn't one song on the album I don't like. Anyways sorry for rambling, but again thank you so much for commeniting, you made my day.