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Soul Searching

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Michita, jazzy, indie, and soft hiphop (Japanese)

  • 03 i'm so into you (feat. keyco) by fragmenz
  • soda by soda
  • うそ / daoko (Track by HakobuNe)
  • スワン by Galileo Galilei
  • Beyond by Mark Saul
  • Sincerely By Tsutchie by Phoenix-M
  • クモリナキアメ (ft. Meiso) by Michita
  • Flowers by Nujabes
  • Only Faith And Hope by Arwi Guzman
  • ゆれる人間交差点 by Evisbeats feat.田我流 and SD JUNKSTA
  • それでもあなたの道を行け by michita feat. MOUTHPEACE
  • "キッチンへようこそ (feat. ACO)" by TAKU
  • 夏の夜の夢 2012 by MC SODA
  • Daoko by daoko
  • toe (starRo Remix) FREE DL by Goodbye ft. Toki Asako
  • Obokuri-Eeumi by Ikue Asazaki
  • 日没サスペンデッド feat.あるぱちかぶと (2009) by Eccy
17 tracks
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