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“No sé si soy una persona triste con vocación de alegre, o viceversa, o al revés. Lo que sí sé es que siempre hay algo de tristeza en mis momentos más felices, al igual que siempre hay un poco de alegría en mis peores días.”- Mario Benedetti.

8 songs in my mother tongue that make me feel happy and sad at the same time and kinda make sense together, I guess.


8 tracks
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This is the best thing ever. I love all the songs in this playlist. I don't speak Spanish (yet!) but these just joined my favourite songs. Thanks for sharing! :)

Simply amazing. And there is this one song, Inaniel, i've never heard it before, but there is something really beautiful, magical/vhounding and sad about it that it touched my soul! Thank you for including it and introducing me to this amazing song!!