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a youth spent in dresses

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i noticed u changed the cover/track listing and deleted the sequel mix? 8tracks glitch or? i like this version of the mix too, i was just wondering

@zonerunners i took all my mixes down a while ago but i put this one back up w some different songs. i was becoming v unhappy w all my mixes and i'm still not happy w this one (songs or cover) but i'm working on it and i'll probably change it again in the future

i dont have good words but im sitting trying to write an essay and listening to this playlist instead and crying because i really needed this? thank you for putting it together. especially 1990 was a long year - i just. wow. thank you. thank you.

@zonerunners im so glad that you found this mix and that it means something to you. if you liked 1990, i would 100% recommend you check out the rest of jordaan mason and the horse museum's music. best of luck w the essay + everything else. i really appreciate your comment !

@scaryspice i actually have their bandcamp open right now already! i really love their work. thank you for the recommendation and well wishes! i hope your day goes well!