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Tech House #2


Some of my favorite tunes of the moment. Melodic, minimalistic and with a good beat.
This mix makes everybody happy

8 tracks
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grandpa's been in search of that man for half a century. now i cant remember why. is that miguel? it's been so long. remember when FDR passed the new deal? you were wrong when you said the country was over buddy, but your tunes are rockin' so I forgive you. great playlist Mrs. Grundy!

@why-so-petty-officer a fellow with more history than a contraband skin flick. knew that lad during prohibition, such a dapper smuggler who paved the way for some swingin' forties, then he was involved in the coverup that followed JFK's assassination, and i haven't seen the poor sap since. he introduced me to my first wife before running off with her. really did me a favor, that lass was trouble in the puddle if ya know what i mean. she made marilyn monroe look like barry manilow. had the sex appeal of a turnip though when it got nasty in the kippers. anyways, you woke me up during my ol' nappy poo, so i think you owe pappy a dime piece from the dickens. my oh my it's been a good one. now, whose that guy in the picture sonny?