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OF THE WORD GOD - a gamzee makara fanmix


And an obsession with the past is like a dead fly
And just a few things are related to the "old times"
Then we did believe in magic and we did die

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8 comments on OF THE WORD GOD - a gamzee makara fanmix

Woah! This is SPECTACULAR!!!!! Totally perfect! I think the last song was a really great choice, and the one right before that linked it into the rest of the mix really well, keeping the overall flow intact! Great job!!! :D

track one: wow where did these sounds even come from. appropriate though

track two: random screaming and self-absorption: the gamzee makara story

track three: i have to like. think about this one more when i am more awake. i love these lyrics though. oh the baby thing makes me thing of baby cherubs

track four: im gonna have to look into the books more, this kind of sound collection is so cool

track five: “I'm coming to find you/ Is my face still bleeding?” this is perfect

track six: “But you are alive inside me/ I’ve been holding on so long/ Invader/ Miracles, yes, I’ve seen/ You are the strong, I am the weak” apparently someone wrote a song about gamzee?

track seven: WHOA. I COULD MAKE A FANVID TO THIS, IT IS SO EXPLICITLY THE LE STORY. how ironic. that this song would mention horses. im. i. crab greeted him kindly. i cant

track eight: was this supposed to have lyrics?

track nine: “The little bit of faith we had once/ Like the memory of a movie/ They got burned up in the great fire/ Reassembling itself slowly by surely” hmmm. is this the kick at the end? about what gamzee’s faith actually is...

"I am a god, even though I'm a man of God, my whole life in the hand of God" 0.o well done. "We car crash on an empty road bound by our lust and our vulgar woes we mock we mirror." That whole song was perfect for this!