Is this playlist safe for work?


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Yes! Her album is great. I love every song. I saw her at the Hotel Cafe tour with Rachael Yamagata... wish she would come back.
Also, thanks for introducing me to new girly voices. I love finding new music.

I love her too. Have you listen to her whole album? It's great! I found her at MySpace. Thanks for the follow! :)

Great Mix! These voices totally put me at ease. I LOVE Meiko. I thought I was one of the very few that knew her. I'm glad someone else does too.

@dracomes Jajajaja, sí, para calmarte un poco, ciertamente!
@andimonoxide Pues que buena idea del lugar dond escucharlo. :)
@MlleFelix Que bueno q te gustara!
@mustbemad I'm glad! Thanks for listening! :)

Yo escucharía este mix en un viaje por carretera y vería la ventana y todo combinaría perfecto con lo que escucho. Awesome.