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a strange bandit in a strange land


For Nalimir | The escaped cultist, ex-terrorist, current-bandit, amoral, cannibal, werewolf trainwreck disaster of a Dragonborn with a language barrier and some totally justifiable paranoia.

(Or: and then there's this asshole.)

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21 tracks
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Holy shit, I cannot express how much I love this mix. The music is incredible and the annotations are just perfect. I've not enjoyed 8track so much ever. Serious kudos. I love Nalimir already.

Also do you have a full track list available on tumblr or something? For some reason I can only see 12 of 21 tracks :(

@MousePotato Omg! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it! This comment sustained me throughout the otherwise tedious work day. :D I did not have tracklist on tumblr, because I am lame (and because I didn't expect anyone to care about my precious trash child :D ) but I have made one for you! Et voila!