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For Anael, Zephyr, and Ineshic | The power trio which built an empire out of good intentions, tragedy, and bones.

For their rise, their collapse, and their slow decay. For their lives, their myth, and their legacy.


12 tracks
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If this is ever a thing I really want to read it; this is so awesome and the music is beautiful and I'm fascinated by the story you're weaving.

@swanofmischief .This is the underpinning of my Ongoing Project. Technically the Three Thrones era is a story separate from What We Sow, but it heavily informs that story's history and characters. (There are like. Three interconnected stories and a couple of side stories here. It's. It's a lot.) I have no idea when it will ever appear in the world! But I'm glad that you've enjoyed what you've seen here, and that you liked the music! Feel free to hit me up on Tumblr if you want to talk, and watch this space for more character-specific playlists from the Project. (Sometime this month I'm probably going to finish Anael's.)