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Personal rave on my face,


everyone's invited!

pretty much a collection of my fave fanmade songs as well as those that are used in mark's videos!

  • Markiplier! by .̶A̶L̶C̶H̶E̶M̶I̶S̶T̶.̶
  • Markiplier ["BUY" = Free Download] by Jinkis ✨
  • "Where's the Blacksmith!?" THE SONG! by Markiplier
  • Markiplier is mah bb by Dj Fortify
  • Haunted by The Shirks
  • Ode to Markiplier by Conduit
  • Tiny Box Tim (sydrome Remix) by Markiplier
  • Stabber (original) feat. Big Al and Markiplier by The Crazed Butt
  • Markiplier [Original Mix] [Reached download limit, use anything2mp3 to download] by Sharkoon
  • Markiplier Remixed: Kill All The Animals (Don't Do That) by TechnoWolf99
  • Markiplier Singing Bohemian Rhapsody! 24 Hour Charity Livestream by starkid_jt
11 tracks