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~S C I E N C E~

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Did someone say Lab Party?

cover art by itabia-

  • The Quantum World (WUB Dubstep Remix) by Symphony of Science
  • No Hard Feelings (Portal 2 Remix) by Dainumo
  • Halls of Science by Portal Soundtrack Mix
  • Something About Us (Cherokee Remix) by Daft Punk
  • Robots FTW by Portal 2
  • Turrets Opera by Portal 2 OST
  • A Wave of Reason by Symphony of Science
7 tracks
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Best playlist ever, I swear!! I listen to this while doing Russian homework and play the songs in my head while I'm taking a test and I haven't gotten anything below a B+ yet! And I only have three days of class left to go! (I also got an A on all of my finals! THANK YOU!!)