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survivors' guilt


you're the biggest monster he'll ever see | for the doomed, damned children; for family legacies soaked in blood and violence; for being the last ones left (for knowing you will lose him and there's nothing you can do)

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i dont know why but i had to come back and listen to this again. i was just having some sort of mood, ok no ive been having a mood since the finale. and how the gilberts (and others) were so let down, pushed off to the side, and otherwise pigeonholed and downplayed. the show forgot that they too had stories. the show forgot that the driving force behind the lead and her family was, "will they get out? alive or whole or as somethin else?" and the show seemed to figure the answer was no. or worse yet something implied but never shown. so thats why i am here leaving you this comment telling you that your musical diction has made me cry lil bitch bb tears of rage and catharsis.