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FLOW - Graphic Design


Songs by Ellie GODDESS Goulding, Låpsley, Tori Kelly, Hozier, ALT_J, FKA_Twigs, and a few others for when you're truly alone and all you can do is be creative.

12 tracks
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amazing :) sounds good! where do you come from? it's always interesting to know other designers, especially around the globus :)) i am currently working in a smaller agency aswell, we do more like fashion stuff. and i do some private projects for local clubs — lots of work needs lots of good music ;) well, i don't have a portfolio yet. what about you?

@mary blue chardonnay im from florida in the u.s. you're in Switzerland? and yeah same i just respect artistry in general. At least you're in an agency that deals with fashion. I work at a newspaper and it's definitely a dying business... due to the AWESOME INTERNET lol but i love working there since it's by the beach and i just love the weather here and people are generally nice. I havent updated mine in a longgggg time. how old are u?

@yawnmusic Agency at the beach? nice wheater? FLORIDA? wow, you really live another life then i do ;) Right, i am from zurich and work here aswell. i mean, i love it here but it's like 3 weeks summer a year and then it's winter again. HAHA. i haven't been at the beach since ages… did you grow up at the coast? i am 23 years old, actually working since 17 as a graphic designer :) still love what i do. how old are you?

@yawnmusic your comment dissapeared with all the thoughts about my playlist! really enjoyd it to read what you were thinking of all the songs i picked – i am flattered :)) pretty interesting. right now its 10.30 am and i'm at work.. i think it's in the middle of the night in florida :D right?

@mary blue chardonnay LOL I didnt realize these were public on here. I thought they were private messages. HAHA. but pshhh my life isnt that great lol. im definitely middle class to lower middle class. It's just a nice location haha. Is Zurich the capital? So are u in a big city? and omg... that's so crazy. I really hate the cold. I would not be able to handle that lol. I actually moved around when i was younger i lived in the philippines and singapore for a little then moved to the states when I was 13. We should skype sometime. add me scocojo91 my name and im 24.

oh, i just saw that you have a playlist aswell and best of all; includes graphic design :D i am trying to cultivate a graphicdesigning-hashtag thing and happy to see there's others aroind who do the same ;) so i am defenitely going to listen to this later — as soon as i have to work. are you a graphic designer too? :)

@mary blue chardonnay yes i am! I may not be as good as some people out there but i do work as a web/graphic designer for this small marketing company where I live. Id love to see some of your work! what kind of stuff do you like to do?