Hello there friend, my name is Scott, I'm from Long Island, New York. Im always pushing myself each day to advance my skills and learn new things. A few of my favorite things are...good music, coffee, beautiful women, Emerica shoes, Twitter, skateboarding, cheap sunglasses, three flat threes, red wine, Mark Gonz, T-shirts, Satan, BS 180's, Malboro Blend 27's, blueberry pancakes, Pearl Drums, RVCA, texting, poetry, 52mm wheels, round rails, Bones bearings, Stumbleupon, different color socks, Fucking conformity, VBS.tv, Marijuana, Lizard King, sharpening pencils, M0B Grip, hippy jumps, Baker, The Brooklyn Banks, painting, HULU, BudLight, Jameson, vinyls, Levi's, T-Bell, Red Bull, tattoos, cookies, Xbox 360, Tre flips, The Berrics and the interweb./