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I. School Days, 1971–77


"we laugh and it pits the world against us"

for golden days, reckless nights, and glorious mistakes

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10 tracks
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I really hope I don’t scare the shit out of you, but I actually spent days thinking about what to tell you. I mean, you’re brilliant. Full stop. The whole collection is, actually, but this one is my favourite. There is something about the rhythm, the beat, the happiness within the songs, which actually led me to imagine the Marauders causing all sort of mayhem trying not to get caught. Generally speaking, if it’s not about the four of them, something is wrong. However, particularly speaking (there is no such a thing, but whatever), Remus and Sirius need their own space too, because it is a wolfstar mix, nonetheless. And you did it.
“That night I smoked a joint with my best friend / We found ourselves in bed / When I woke up he was gone.” If these are not an unexpectedly scared Sirius and a Remus who starts sort of having feelings and God forbid, I don’t know what it is.
“I know that I like to let excess succeed, but I just need you in that fur coat / With only my necklace on underneath / And I don’t care why this apartment’s always cold / London can try, it’ll never swallow me whole.” This is also a very Sirius (not serious, mind you) line. “Oh please don’t drop me home / Because it’s not my home, it’s their home / And I’m welcome no more”. How did you do it? You wonderful human being. “I feel so much better when I read your dirty letters / Just wear your sweaters in the winter”. Sweaters, which I’m quite sure could be able to generate a Moony, together with chocolate.
I shouldn’t really tell you how much you inspired me to write more (always more) fan fictions, and possibly re-read the whole Shoebox Project, because it is summer and that’s what people do, don’t they?
So that’s it. Thank you, and sorry for being such a creeper. I can’t shut up, but there is an ant trying to climb my leg, so I should probably go.

@yellow-macaron OH MY GOODNESS. This is the nicest, most thought out comment ever! I don't even know what to say, except you're not a creeper and literally made my day. Thank you so much!