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No wonder I'd go throught all this trouble just for him.


"-Yeah, I'm stupid! That's why unless you tell me, I won't get it.
-Would you have understood even if i told you?
-If you didn't tell me anything, and you died... I would've thought you were a traitor forever!
-I am a traitor.
-No, you are not! "

"I'll think about how to say things so that even a fool can understand"

A happy mix about them, because i just watched the newest episode of k return of kings, where they finally TALK and it seems like Saruhiko is willing to tell everything to Misaki later~
So here is a less angsty mix about them to celebrate their perfect moments together.

16 tracks
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This is freaking amazing. Arms by Christina Perri is something I would have never thought of for this otp, but its so fushimi. I'm dying of feels for this playlist. I swear I want to cry. I can just imagine Fushimi running off from all his clans and be in an ally or something not knowing where to go next. He just wants to get as far away from Yata as he can, but he wants to get as close as he can too. So then Yata finds him and just holds him and Fushimi explains everything and jfkdshfaodsjhfoajho *nose bleed* and Yata forgives him and they work together to be better for and to each other.