Is this playlist safe for work?

emo (for erin xo) (hahahahaha see what i did there)


lmao i wasn't joking
(it's not quite 27 i know but shhhh u gotta listen to the end)

  • Tiffany Blews Fall Out Boy by sashymarshy
  • 03 Sugar We're Goin Down by falloutboyrock
    my taste in music is your face ;0
  • Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes by Rhuairidh
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  • Chicago is so two years ago by Punkrokralex
    im fairly sure this is punkrokalex singing over the track but im not allowed to put on more than 2 songs that have fall out boy in the title anywhere (they cant handle it)
  • Lake Effect Kid (demo) by Fall Out Boy
  • Bang the Doldrums by Fall Out Boy
  • Hum Hallelujah by Fall Out Boy
    jamie iero is totes ur real name
  • G.I.N.A.S.F.S. by bextersd
    lmaooo gotta put my #4 fave fob songs on here ofc
  • Favorite Record (AMERICAN BEAUTY/AMERICAN PSYCHO) by FallOutBoy
    lmao so i rly rly like u (you barack my world) do u maybe wanna go out?
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