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Feels like we only go Backwards

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This playlist is GODLY. What are you, like some living god!?!!?!?!!? Brb setting up a shrine for you. I shed tears while listening to this playlist every night. Thank you for making this, we need more people like you.

@tangsterr DONNTTT EEVENNNN. I JUST LISTENED TO YOUR PLAYLIST. AND ITS Better than beautiful it makes me bawl my eyes so much that it would fill 1000 worlds and 10000 lifetimes. i wouldn't need to know what i would do because i would cut off my ears if i didn't have this playlist. K. BLESS EVERYING ABOUT U FOR CREATEDING THIS PLAYLISTTTT. I WILL WORSHIP U AND UR KIDS. Please continue to make more playlists in the future so i can introduce my children to your choice of music and make them worship u too and ur children. It will be a never-ending cycle.