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Drive 2 : Say AAH!


A Knockout Halloween special!

An unholy alloy of dark and synth for the sawhanded robot doctor and his love of human horror films.

11 tracks
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I love both your Drive mixes, they really carry that night time excitement and danger. Especially danger. It's a lovely change of pace from other Knockout mixes, as great as pop music is. I checked out your tumblr but I only saw sailor moon (I think, unsure?) fan art. I hope you're still having a good time with Transformers! :D

@mishenanigans Thank you for the kind note and the likes! I'm glad you like the mixes. KO is a pussycat but he has an edge, and these playlists are dedicated to that edge. Re: tumblr, Sailormoon is my other, older obsession; I'm still fairly new to TF but enjoying it immensely. Drive 3 is in the works-- please stay tuned!