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Hade's Mixtape


Persephone's Playlist: Pt 3
"Hello, darling. I'll be forthcoming and say you'll have to forgive me for going through your music box, but I made you something. A mixtape, if you will, to show you how I felt in lovely notes and vocations I'd never be able to muster. I tried to stay within the confines of your ever-sophisticated taste in tunes, but you'll understand if I colored outside the lines a bit, yeah? If not, I'm sure I can find some way to make it up to you.
P.S. Wait til I'm around to listen to it? I want to see your reactions- your smiles, your blushes, that glare you give me when you want to laugh but don't want to give me the satisfaction. You know the one I'm talking about.
With everlasting love, your husband, Hades
Tracks, and links to Pt 1& Pt 2:

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