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"Many people have underestimated me, or taken me at face value, like they did my Father. They expected him to be a devil so much they needed it out of him. Refused to believe he was a good man, just because good men don't have horns. Devils do." There was a pause as she swallowed, brows knitting together and eyes darting away at a painful memory. But just like that she was steel again, her expression cool and inviting. Enchanting eyes caught on the ranger once again, "I've not given any of them the chance to do it twice. If I've learned one thing about making enemies, it's that they're temporary. That what doesn't kill me better run, because if I don't scatter it's body to ashes, my patron will."

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I don't know your character from anything but this playlist but I'm getting a picture of a determined lady who can and will resort to dirty methods to kick ass and get shit done. I could be totally off the mark but even so this playlist is spectacular.

@Xophin You hit the nail on the head tbh, she’s definitely not afraid to get elbow deep in some shady or violent business if it accomplishes her goals, much to the dismay of most of her traveling companions lol Thank you so much for listening and leaving a comment, you’re awesome and I’m glad you enjoyed it c: