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sage and sandalwood (part one: queendom)


a mix for the vengeful; the sounds that scrape along walls while a clever sea-witch sings siren curses to drag kings to their knees. sage smoke curls, bare feet dusted in powdered sandalwood. high sorcery: a shimmering dragon scale shed by a powerful beast, the glittering emerald crushed under her boot-tips, mandrake drug up from her garden, venom of a viper, blood of a smoker, juice of two bitter limes in a little leather flask for her travels. another kingdom falls before her. updated: 1/23

  • Live at BBC Manchester w/ Bruce Dickinson by Sister Awake
  • Seven Devils by Florence + the Machine
  • SKORGE by Skorge
  • KOVEN. by Koven.
  • She's Lost Control by Joy Division
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  • Angry Johnny by Poe Grooves
    i can do it to you gently, i can do it with an animal's grace / i can do it with integrity, i can do it with disgrace / i can do it in a church, i can do it any time or place / i can do it in the water, i can do it on dry land / either way, you know where it stands / i want to kill you, i want to blow you, away
  • The Amazing SpiderMan Trailer # 3 Music by nathan-manoel
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