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Sea shanties

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Classic sea shanties

  • (Sea Shanty) #04 Running Down To Cuba by Revishoin
  • Billy's band by Billy's Band
  • Bound for the Rio Grande by joostlenz
  • Spanish Ladies by Inquisitor Otto
  • Santy Anno 1 by dukespeterpan
  • Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her by DasRindvieh
  • 01 - The Coast Of High Barbarie by Bonestorm
  • Randy Dandy, Oh by DasRindvieh
  • Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate by Drunk & Sailor
  • Haul Away Joe by Trebushet-sailors
  • 04 What's left of the flag by Sef Coppers
  • South Australia by Admirals Hard
  • Far Distant Shore by Haul Away for Rosie
  • Shiver My Timbers by dutchmusicalfan9
  • Whisky is the Life of Man by thejeweledtraveler
  • Go To Sea No More by Gary O Connor1
  • Drunken Scotsman by John Denver
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1 comment on Sea shanties

Amazing mix!
Your Mix deserves way more attention!
I am sitting here, singing shanties I don't even know the words to and longing for a strong rum!
ARRR keep up that work - ya scurvy seadog! Arr!