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another era - an anachronism

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Classical music as well as piano are among my favorites if not the favorites. This playlist stirs up my eardrums and sends beautiful vibrations to my mind and heart. I would like to know what the cover photo is: the name, who the artist was. The photo and music coincide quite well and I appreciate it all! :)

I actually ended up finding it. The title is correct but your track had te artist incorrect. It's actually by Emile pandolfi. On your playlist it said it was by David Newman. I really liked this mix though.. The other one I downloaded was lighthouse by Patrick Watson. Soooooo good. Maybe you would like my playlists. Check them out if you want! And I love that cover picture, too. Where did you find it??

@grayingeyes It could be indeed that it's by another composer, my bad! Unfortunately I can't find the source of the picture anymore, I should have looked it up when I used it...I'll check out your playlists :)