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You Can't Live Off of Someday.


Hello. I'm here. I'm waiting. Sometimes (or if you're me more frequently than sometimes) you fall in love with your best friend. This, my listeners, is one of the worst fucking things that can happen to you. For, it's always unrequited, and nothing good ever comes from it. And yet, time and time again we do this. Because we are suckers. So here is a mix for you. So that you can know that someone else knows your struggle. You can cry to it, you can dance to it. It's very versatile. You can't live off of someday, it's really not nutritious enough, but here's to hoping both of us will stop falling in love like all the suckers who sing these songs. I apologize in advance for the Taylor Swift song (I promise, you don't know you need it yet, but you do).

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So This evening at our favorite pizza joint I finally told my best friend and unrequited love how I felt. Completely petrified of losing my best friend I jumped off the cliff knowing that I just had to tell her how I felt. Needless to say it did not go as planned :/ Afterwards I decided to go on a walk to clear my mind and stumbled on this playlist. I can't start to tell you how perfect this playlist and description is. Thank you so much.