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Who needs a social life when you have your fandoms.

  • Sweet Love by Chris Brown
  • Hillywood Supernatural Parody "Shake It Off" by Cat Wilder
  • The Hanging Tree (original Song By Jennifer Lawrence Mockingjay Part 1) by Andaraoby
  • Klaus Badelt Vs Jeremy Soule by Klaus Badelt vs Jeremy Soule
  • Original Song by The Yogscast by ♪ MoonQuest: An Epic Journey
  • Lord Of The Rings In 99 Seconds by Reubixvk
  • Batman vs Sherlock Holmes by Epic Rap Battles
  • Harry Potter in 99 Seconds by Mikaila Jayley
  • Sherlock's Theme by I Am The Doctor
  • One Reason by DWB feat. fade
  • Pokemon (Dubstep Remix) by John Sevenight
  • ♪ Screw The Nether (Minecraft Parody) by codelyoko373
  • Carry On Wayward Son by Vivien Armour
13 tracks
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