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Shipping An Unpopular Ship Sucks


My OTP is casifer and you know how many people ship that? As far as I know, like three people. Which means I gotta create my own stuff for them xP Ah well, still the most amazing ship in the universe

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Oh my gods, yesh, please! I think I ended up on some dark corner of the Internet looking for fic. *grabby hands*. Y A S I HAVE MADE MYSELF AT HOME IN THIS SHIP. I'm also dragging my friends down with me.

@FeroxSeptember Sorry for the late reply, but there are four awesome fics on AO3 that I love to read. Monstrosity Divine, Brothers in Arms, Paper Cut Angels, and Anamnesis. Also there is a really talented author floating around there who goes by fatalchild. I hope those have helped feed your casifer needs xD

I swear to the gods, I had never heard of this ship before. AND NOW I CAN'T LOOK BACK. MY HEART. (I may or may not have been hunting down fic and reading it while listening to this). "Just one yesterday" is what sold me I CAN FEEL IT IN THE SONG. Help me

@FeroxSeptember omg welcome to the very tiny cult of casifer xD you're welcome btw for this is the best ship ever. if you need any fic recs i have some p okay ones bookmarked for you ;)