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Rotten Heresy and Chocolate


a playlist of "Rotten Heresy and Chocolate" and other vocaloid songs that I feel follow a similar theme

note: sorry there's an english cover XD all of them are vocaloid except "Transparent Elegy" but I just really love that version...SWEAR WARNING FOR THAT SONG

  • Rotten Heresy And Chocolate 【腐れ外道とチョコレゐト】 by 【Hatsune Miku】
  • 過食性・アイドル症候群 by IA
  • Sincerity Nature: Drastic Measures of Ignorance by Kagamine Len and Rin
  • Delusion Tax [Miku] by Zetsubou Hero
  • 【Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka】World's End Dancehall【Wowaka】 by ShadStrike
  • Undead Enemy (アンデッドエネミー) by Kagamine Rin
  • Transparent Elegy (透明エレジー) [ill.bell x rachie] by rachie ꒰✩’ω`ૢ✩꒱
  • Don't Put My Name In The Endroll (English Subtitles) by MikitoP Ft. 初音ミク
  • Plastic Girl by Gumi
9 tracks
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