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"Golden-throned Hera, among immortals the queen,
Chief among them in beauty, the glorious lady
All the blessed in high Olympus revere,
Honor even as Zeus, the lord of thunder."

20 tracks
2 comments on Ἡρη

(gasp) This is wow.... just... wow.... stunning. The songs capture every aspect of Hera's personality from the practically ruthless queen to the misunderstood lonely woman. You did an amazing job. I'll definitely check out your other mixes now.

This is a very beautiful mix! I love all the songs on here - they're all so soft and deep! Though I wonder, what's your reason for including "Smother" by Daughter on this playlist?

Thank you so much! I'm very proud of this mix. Hera is very much territorial; if she were to ever stop and look at how she dominates over the ones she loves, it would closely resemble this song.