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Bad Blood


born in exile, they seek to reclaim their birthright through whatever means necessary. they love and trust no one but each other, and when they ride out in their gleaming armor it's only a matter of time before their enemies fall at their feet. they rule with an iron fist, and hidden beneath the glamour of their court lies a treasonous plot and dark rumors that could destroy all they've worked for.

a mix for conquering siblings who only live to be crowned and rule together.

17 tracks
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1. I love this mix so much. I love that it has a plot and I can kind of get a feel for the characters, somehow! 2. Who's the brother in the picture? Is he an actor or a model or something?

@anno.domini Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm happy to hear that you were able to pick up on the plot; I was hoping for that effect! The brother in the photo is model Maxwell Runko. :)