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Your Mind Is Now Freed

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@rmaddel HA HA! Glad the mix was able to make you zone out reality! We all need that from time-to-time! The main purpose was originally I was so bored and annoyed of gossip at my job that I wanted to zone it all out. I then compiled all these songs and well guess it's working ha ha! Sounds like you've got good taste in music as you enjoy William Orbit! Sadly I don't dive much into this genre as much as I used too... These sorta playlists for me are ending. But, here is the 2nd part if your interested It's not as great but thought I'd add it! Good luck with med school and thanks for the compliment!

sitting in the back of my med school lecture hall, drowning out my professor to this. too much of my favorite music is all over this one, i can't even handle it.

Glad your enjoying it so far! I'm in the process of creating another similar to this playlist. I made a vol. 2 to this but, it was more upbeat to chill and back to upbeat. May even rename it as it doesn't really fit with the original's genre focus... If interested

Thanks to everyone for the support! I've made a Volume 2 version but, it's more Upbeat to chill and back to upbeat. I'm considering a more chill specific one but, maybe a bit till it's made due, to lack of time.