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dusted bookshelves.


it is, what it is. you, me.

you know when i make them a playlist, i'm in serious trouble to get enormously protective, emotional and sappy about it. so, basically a literati playlist for making the wait for the revival a bit easier (and painful *hollow laughter*). Each song has a description of which episode it has connection in my mind plus there will be a quote if necessary. (and yes, it's in chronological order - and yes, those are completely messy and angsty songs.)

(please, let them be the endgame, please let them be the endgame)

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I just have to say that the artwork for this mix is stunning with the mirror/reflection of the 2 scenes and wow your song choices go really well with the moods of the scenes/seasons/episodes you decided to pair up each of them with (I tried to do a similar thing with my Lit playlist on here where I matched up songs from how their relationship starts up to that final Lit scene in the revival)

@jessmarianos it kinda happened after my second proper re-watch when I started notice more small things and details and fell completely over heels in love with them. so I kinda wanted to match songs to either their quotes/scenes or whole episodes that are important to them. and it just kinda.. happened, i guess :)