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Writing: Battle


For swords wielding, blood dripping, battle ragging.

Almost 50 tracks to get your inspiration pumped and take your heroes or villains into some epic action.

First of the instrumental series for writing.

45 tracks
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Your writing playlists are perfection. And an absolute gem when it comes to background music at work. Thank you so much for sharing them.

I absolutely adore all of your Writing playlists! They all have really helped me sit down for as long as I can, and actually write, not just sitting there staring at the page for what seems like eternity. Especially this mix! Really puts me right in the middle of it all! Thank you so much <3

Wow, thank you for making such a magnificent playlist. Epicness ensued while writing (battling) my dissertation.

Thank you for putting Aragorn on the cover. If I was ever to marry a fictional character... Anyway I don't even think I've listened to this yet but I'm planning on it. This collection is awesome.